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All he wants for Christmas is YOU!!

So… go ahead and wrap yourself up – and give him the present he really wants!!

Merry Christmas Everyone


I am thankful for sex!

Since it’s that time of year to reflect on our blessings and the things we are thankful for, I thought it appropriate to list some things I am thankful for. Since this blog is all about sex – my list will be too!!!

I am very



my husband

my marriage



my clitoris

my breasts

my lips

my hands

my feet

my neck

my husband’s penis

my husband’s hands and fingers

my husband’s tongue

my husbands lips

my husbands ears

my husbands scrotum


hormonal therapy



back rubs

front rubs

sex therapists

Laura Brotherson

Saturday mornings

Sunday mornings

Any morning that hubby does not have to rush off somewhere


hot baths with my own special back scrubber and hair washer

Bob Evans crepes (figure this one out – lol)

silky lingerie

massage oils

soft fuzzy blankets

tooth paste and tooth brushes





hot tubs

pull down shower heads

did I mention orgasms??

Happy Thanksgiving!  Don’t forget to be thankful for sex!  it is an awesome gift from God!

Enjoy some sex while you are being thankful for it!  It will help burn off some of the pie calories!!!

It’s just words – with a whole lot of emotion behind them

While reading through some forums where husbands and wives were talking about their low to no drive spouses – I started noticing the words used to describe their spouses and sex lives.  I decided to compile a list of some of the words that I have seen over and over on many of these forums.  Here is the list of words I pulled out after about an hour of going through a couple of forums again.  I changed some of them to their descriptive form for the purpose of this post.   I have to say, it was a depressing hour!  I felt so sad for these people and even sadder when I realized all of these words could have been used to describe me in my early marriage!

Silent – Passionless – Uncaring – Heartless – Cruel – Disrespectful – Irritating – Indifferent – Selfish – Frigid – Frustrating – Insensitive – Belittling – Rude – Rejecting – Cold – Controlling – Uncompromising – Resentful – Unresponsive – Revengeful – Asexual – Neglectful – Hurtful – Dysfunctional – Naïve – Prudish – Inhibited – Repressed – Withholding – Unwilling – Sheltered – Rigid – Anxious – Reluctant – Critical – Angry – Ambivalent – Disconnected – Dismissive – Uninvolved – Withdrawn – Unloving – Sad – Depressing – Unreasonable – Resistant – Blaming – Distracted – Unsatisfying – Offensive – Critical – Unappreciative – Confusing

These are just words, but there is a whole lot of emotions behind them – and it’s definitely not happy emotions!



Rejection – a horrible feeling

I wrote about this experience on another site several months ago:

The other night as we lay in bed, I reached over and gently began to rub my husband’s pubic area.  I wasn’t looking for sex, but if it went there that was fine by me.  I just wanted a connection, to feel him, to be close to him.  I gingerly rubbed around his groin, playing with the hair – it wasn’t going anywhere for him – and that was fine (mostly).  It was comforting to just lay there and feel him. I needed to feel him.  Suddenly, he took my hand and lifted it away and placed it on the bed.  I knew he didn’t feel good, I knew he was stressed, I knew I shouldn’t take it personally -but somehow it felt personal!  It hurt, a stab of pain in my heart – and tears welled up in my eyes.  Was I not attractive to him any more, did my touch repulse him now?  I rolled over and thought of all the times, the zillion times, over and over, I did the same to him.  How many times he must have felt the same pain, asked himself the same questions.   Yes – rejection is a horrible feeling.  It cuts to the core of our being and makes us feel unloved, unwanted, and unattractive.  It hurts!  Sometimes it is not personal – but it always feels personal!

A couple of weeks ago, once again my husband was under a lot of pressure at work and had a lot of stress going on in his life from other sources too.  His libido took a huge nose dive, and every time I initiated sex he turned me down.  I tried to be understanding, but after one episode of being pushed away, feeling really hurt I blurted out “Rejection really sucks and it hurts too.  But I guess you know that since that’s all you got from me for so many years.”  He looked at me in surprise and said, “I am not rejecting you.” 

“Really?”  I replied!  “What the heck do you think you are doing when you pull away or turn away from me?  If you are NOT rejecting me, then why does it feel like you are?  I would think that you of all people would understand rejection and how it feels.”   He had no answers for me but over the next few days he changed his behavior!

I am guessing he understood the feeling of rejection – all too well, he just didn’t recognize it from the other view point!



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