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My Hitachi wand died

sad faceMy Hitachi wand died!  I feel like I lost a friend – a very close friend!  In a way, I did.  I bought this wand several years ago after I lost the ability to have orgasms because of peri-menopausal hormone changes.  Before this time, I never used vibrators before – I never needed one.  Following the advice of our Sex Therapist, I decided to give them a try.  I bought a couple but while they felt good, they did not take me over the edge.  I heard about this one and decided to give it a try.  If it didn’t work out we could still use it as a regular body massager. My wand arrived but it took awhile to get use to it.  It was very strong – almost too strong.  I had to figure it’s quirks and how it could work.   With some trial and error,  it eventually helped me regain my orgasms.  It became a very good friend – dependable and reliable -always on call, waiting silently for when I needed it to push me over the edge.  I have had it for many years – it had just the right touch – and knew how to send me to the moon when nothing else could.  I acquired other vibrators but the wand stayed my favorite – my go to if I needed it.   I took it on all my trips and even had to explain it to a smart alec security agent at the airport – who knew exactly what it was!  Last month it began to wear out.  I could tell by the sounds it was beginning to make – and was dreading the moment I would have to say goodbye!  Sadly, that time came all too quickly.  I miss my friend greatly!

After an appropriate mourning period (15 minutes), I went on line to find a new wand.  I wanted to find one just like my old one if possible, and found out they aren’t making those models anymore.  Instead they have a new and improved model.  Can someone please tell me – if you are already peoples favorite choice – why do you have to be improved??  Why can’t they leave things alone??  Everything has to be changed and improved these days.   It’s so frustrating sometimes!

While they aren’t making the same model anymore – they still have some in stock they are selling.  However, when those are gone they are gone.  I went on line and plugged in the old model number.  Several sites listed them for sale, but when I read the reviews – some people reported that they received the newer model instead.  Even worse, others reported receiving counterfeit wands.  Did you know that there are counterfeit Hitachi wands out there in cyber space?  I didn’t!  You can read about how to tell the difference here.  I guess I should not be surprised since it is a very popular hot item.

I decided to order an old model wand from the Original Hitachi site.  You can only buy one – I know because I tried to buy two – one for when the 2nd one died.  The new wand arrived safe and sound – and was indeed the right model and not a counterfeit!  It is new, energetic and seems eager to please.  Like all new friends we will have to become accustomed to each other.  It will take some time to learn its quirks and get use to it’s slightly different new feel.  I am sure we will grow to become very close friends soon, and one day my old friend will be forgotten, as my new friend takes its place as my new friend.

For now though – I still miss my old friend!!


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2 thoughts on “My Hitachi wand died

  1. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. It is so difficult to lose the company of a trusted friend who has dependably been ever-available in your moments of overwhelming need; a friend who, in moments of stress and tension, could deeply touch you to your core in a way no others could; a friend who knew just how to cheer you, please you, and relieve you without saying a word, a friend whose sweet humming in your ear brought vibrations of joy surging from your the tips of your fingers to the tips of your curling toes; a friend who saw your pleasure as their only purpose in life; a friend who would, with firm resolve, gently lay their head against you and kiss you tenderly; a friend who never backed down from a challenge but was there in your hour (or two) of need; a friend you could never ask too much of and who touched you in so many ways and in so many places.

    Yeah, you really do need to find a new friend you know, and soon. 😉

    I dedicate this to you and your faithful friend and the specially touching relationship the two of you shared. Have a glass of wine while you sit back and reminisce about all those past blissful moments, night and day:

  2. Whaddup?Missing your posts. If you can’t stop when you drive by, honk.

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