LDS Gals learning to embrace sexuality

God created our bodies to enjoy sex – what's not to enjoy?

5 Automatic Benefits of Sex You Might Not Know {But Should…}

5 Automatic Benefits of Sex You Might Not Know {But Should…}

Since I can’t seem to find time to write on here lately – here is a great site for you to check out!

Are you a happy wife?  Check out this site dedicated to help you become one if you are not and stay one if you are!

Let’s all make it a goal to be HAPPY this year!


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21 thoughts on “5 Automatic Benefits of Sex You Might Not Know {But Should…}

  1. I hope time frees up for you. I know that frustration of not finding time to tend the blog. It isn’t just about not keeping the flow going and the stats up. It’s about the therapeutic properties of writing out things that affect you life. I seem to need to post at least once a week and they take hours to write. The curse of being and introverted perfectionist. Although when I’m done I am usually very pleased with the product. I still wish my composing skills were better. Of course, adding graphics and art would only add more time to the process. One has to decide at some point is it about the message or the medium and find the balance between the two.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Dan! I just looked through your blog – and you have some excellent posts. I look forward to reading more.

    • Thank you for the compliment and the visit. I look forward to writing more excellent posts. HA I’ll try not to disappoint you in the future. I origninally stopped by yours because of comments of your’s I read on other blogs.

      Interestingly, as it turns out, my southern Baptist son is dating a really sweet Mormon girl so I am now using this blog to better relate to her faith. We have already told her we have no problem with welcoming her into our family. We are born-again AOG Pentacostals but she has no problems with us. They have been dating about one year and met in a counseling environment at a Christian church. Keep your score cards handy folks to keep track of the players.

      My son went back east to meet her folks for a couple of days. Before she left, they asked her when she was going to marry him. Both families are obviously smitten with each other’s child. To have an LDS parent think my non-LDS son was a desirable husband for his daughter made me very proud. I have a lot of respect for the Mormon culture even though I have some theological differences and I was pleased they thought so highly of my son in such a short amount of time.

      • I have not been ignoring you Dan, I have been traveling and only had my Kindle with me – which is great for reading but not much else. I remember you saying before that your son was dating a girl that belonged to the LDS Church. I think it is awesome that both sets of parents think so highly of their children’s choices. That says a lot for you and her parents and tells me a lot about the young couple too. There are a lot of good people in the LDS Church and some, well you know,- just as in any religion. I think most parents want their kids to be happy and to choose wisely when dating. It sounds like these two young adults have done just that. They both are lucky to have such great parents who clearly love and support them and raised them to be wonderful people.

        While it can be hard to meld two different religions, especially when those religions are not just beliefs but also a way of life – it is not impossible and can be made easier if the couple talk through the possible issues that may occur before they get married. If your son and this young lady do decide to get married, it sounds like both sets of parents will be supportive and lovingly accept their decision – which will help get them off to a good start.

      • Too late to apologize. I’m not going to comment here anymore until next time I comment. I know people who try to run their blogs off of Iphones with little success too. Not that you thought a Kindle would function that way. Others try to do it from an Ipad with much the same disappointing results. A laptop seems to be the most functional way short of a desktop at the current technological moment. If you can’t solve it with better tech, create Twitter and lesser functioning apps to appease the to hand-toy aficionados. I think the real goal is to encourage the high consumption of bits and bandwidth: the special 23-tier pricing plan beginning at only 29.99 a month.

        I think his girlfriend is a bit more relaxed about her religion than the “church” would like. They are both abstaining until marriage which could be almost two years. It has to be a tough one for them. She has two kids previous and he has three. They definitely know what they are missing under those circumstances. They are waiting for the youngest to reach a particular age or grade in school before marrying. It is their decision and probably a right one, but both sides are anxious to see it happen, especially when you think how later in life they may wonder why they waited and lost two years together needlessly. But, God in in control and his will is being done so we’ll stay out of it unless they ask for an opinion. Even then, we won’t push, but I think both families are like kids waiting for Christmas morning.

    • Then I guess I should get to writing more, huh? 🙂

      • Oh! I thought they were about 19 yrs old. Ignore me…they are probably my age!!
        I assumed they were love struck late teens, early 20’s hearing cherubs. But they are past all that!!

      • Late 30’s. Both divorced. Her choice. His choice. They discovered each other going to the same counselor.

      • That’s so cool! I wish them happiness

  3. Dan, if your son became Mormon would that bother you?

    • I think so. I wouldn’t necessarily worry about his soul and salvation, but his becoming distant to us. I admire a lot about the Mormon culture, but I find it a bit too controlling for my taste with all the temple worship restrictions. I may not have a proper understanding, but from what I do seem to know, I find all the political structure and hierarchy excessively restrictive in a way similar to Old Testament legalism.

      • I think what I’m really saying above is knowing him as I do, I don’t think that kind of political structure would work for him. He didn’t join our church when he came home because of theological differences he had with what our former pastor taught. If he did accept all that LDS theology has to offer, he would have to make significant differences in his personality and would thus would become distant to us. He had considered going into the ministry about 10 years ago as a Baptist so I think a lot of LDS theology wouldn’t appeal to him. I haven’t asked him though. It hasn’t been a potential issue until this last year.

      • Mmmm, I guess it depends if the girl wants a temple marriage. If he can’t offer it, she might break up with him…he freaks, he then joins to either give her one or cos he prayed to ask if it was all true and got a yes answer. Or they just break up….or they marry with her knowing he might never join and she is cool with that. It’s a religion where it is all true, or it isn’t. Full stop. You are either in 100% or forget it.
        Anyway thanks for sharing.
        Lora, I’m locked out the forum, I haven’t received an activation email cos I changed my email addy, can you tell mariabron? So I’m stuck in outer darkness Ta

      • Yeah, LDS is not just another Protestant variation on a religious theme. Marriages across most Protestant faiths are not as complicated or discouraged as marrying into the LDS religion when one partner is from the outside. It’s an issue I am sure we will all get around to discussing at some point, though, in the long run, it is really none of our (the parents) business. It is their life to live as they choose. I just hope if they do marry both sides of the family can accept and let them live in peace with their choice. I can’t imagine a better daughter-in-law in our family.

      • Thats a nice compliment! She sounds wonderful.
        It isn’t your business but your attitude will be their business, the way the grandkids are raised ( ie if they get baptised, they will want you there) various activities at church like the nativity, they will want you there…but if you don’t live near them, then you won’t need to go, but you will just support from afar, whatever their choices, and your attitude will make life happy…or very stressed. But you sound like a nice guy and are very accepting so I am sure whatever happens you will love and support anything they do. Even if you can’t see them married etc .
        Lora…still locked out of the forum. I have used 3 new log in names and still can’t get in!! No re activation emails have been sent to me and so I can’t see any posts cos ‘ not a member’ helllppppp!

      • Dan,
        I can see why you would worry about them being distant to you should your son join. But I don’t think it would be that way – not from how you describe the two of them so far. The LDS religion is definitely a way of life for most members, like many other religions, but it is not or should not be an exclusive club – that is meant to distance members from non-members. Except for the temple ordinances – which you seem to know a little about – you would not be excluded from attending anything else your son (should he ever join) or grandchildren (if they are raised LDS) participate in. And I am sure they would equally want to be a part of your important religious events too. It is possible that it will go the other way, the girl may join your son’s religion. If she does, I doubt that choice will distance her from her family either. It sounds like to me that they both have a great deal of love and respect for their parents so I can’t imagine how, either way, that their religious beliefs will cause them to be distant in any way.

        I think the main temple ordinance that most parents and family members are bothered about because they can’t attend is the marriage ceremony. And I totally understand why. I know I would feel the same way – especially if I did not have the same religious beliefs and understanding of why I was not being allowed to attend. It is a very difficult situation that happens in the LDS religion and a hard one to explain to the satisfaction of others who do not share the same beliefs. I also do not have an explanation to offer that I think will satisfy – the only thing I can say is that the young couples are simply trying to do what they truly believe God wants them to do. They also do not want to hurt those they love and are very close to – and I know firsthand it is not an easy decision for many of them to make and many are very torn by it.

        Most young couples who choose to get married in the temple and have close family and friends that can’t attend the temple ceremony – try to find ways to help their loved ones feel included and a part of their wedding day celebrations. Our daughter married a young man who is the only LDS member in his immediate family. They had a ring exchange ceremony that all could attend – which was very much like a simple wedding ceremony and was held on the same day as their temple ceremony.

        My son-in-law’s parents were very loving and supportive and drove their son to the temple and waited in the Visitors Center with our family members who also could not attend, so they could be there when my daughter and their son came out of the temple. I know how upsetting and hard it must have been for them, though, cause I know how I would have felt. They did not show it and never said a negative word. They told me they knew when their son joined the church it was a possibility that he would marry in the temple and they would not be able to be there – but they loved him and supported him in all of his decisions. They are a great couple – and we have become good friends with them. They have taught me many things about being true Christians.

      • I totally understand where you are coming from Dan – thinking that the LDS church is too restrictive and controlling. Heck – there are some members in the LDS Church that say the same thing!

        All I can do is share my experiences and my own beliefs based on my life and I only speak for myself. Based on my own experiences, I would simply suggest that some things that I believe and practice that look restrictive and controlling to others – have actually been quite freeing and liberating to me and my family.

        Would you agree that restricting smoking can actually be freeing and liberating in many ways including health related ways? I have found it to be, especially when I watch the effects of being addicted to smoking on some of my immediate family members. I have also found the principle that applies to smoking to be true in many other teachings and practices that are a part of my religion – that they are freeing and liberating to my life.

        But, having said that, I must admit I do feel there are some teachings that feel to be a bit controlling and restrictive to me. But most of those are either things I don’t want to do but are taught I should or things I do want to do but are taught I shouldn’t. lol But really – isn’t this the case for most people in all religions?

      • “But probably because they are either things I don’t want to do but are taught I should or things I do want to do but are taught I shouldn’t. lol But really – isn’t this the case for most people in all religions?

        You sound like the apostle Paul in Romans 7 there. Yes, that is the case in most religions. We do tend to cherry pick doctrine along the walk of obedience and sanctification.

  4. Sorry Kiss – I have been away and did not have my computer only my Kindle which would not let me send a PM for some reason. I will send one now to let them know.

    • Thanks, although mrs j is looking into it, as I hadn’t heard from you ( I emailed rob 4 hope) so thank you…but it might be ok. Although I can’t get in, she at least knows! I even logged in using 3 different names,,,but it wouldn’t send me an activation email for those log ins and without them, I can’t access the forum. It’s blocked to me, as members only. I haven’t heard anything since Sunday, so not sure if the button isn’t working or they don’t want me in! Mrs j said ‘ kiss ‘ didn’t even exist!! Ha ha . A quiet…’ See ya” I think that means!!

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