LDS Gals learning to embrace sexuality

God created our bodies to enjoy sex – what's not to enjoy?

I am thankful for sex!

Since it’s that time of year to reflect on our blessings and the things we are thankful for, I thought it appropriate to list some things I am thankful for. Since this blog is all about sex – my list will be too!!!

I am very



my husband

my marriage



my clitoris

my breasts

my lips

my hands

my feet

my neck

my husband’s penis

my husband’s hands and fingers

my husband’s tongue

my husbands lips

my husbands ears

my husbands scrotum


hormonal therapy



back rubs

front rubs

sex therapists

Laura Brotherson

Saturday mornings

Sunday mornings

Any morning that hubby does not have to rush off somewhere


hot baths with my own special back scrubber and hair washer

Bob Evans crepes (figure this one out – lol)

silky lingerie

massage oils

soft fuzzy blankets

tooth paste and tooth brushes





hot tubs

pull down shower heads

did I mention orgasms??

Happy Thanksgiving!  Don’t forget to be thankful for sex!  it is an awesome gift from God!

Enjoy some sex while you are being thankful for it!  It will help burn off some of the pie calories!!!


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3 thoughts on “I am thankful for sex!

  1. Love this! Hope you had a marvelous Thanksgiving.

  2. Thanks J. We had a great Thanksgiving! 🙂

  3. I am glad you are thankful for sex, someone should be.
    For myself, after years in a sexless marriage, it is hard to be grateful for something that causes so much frustration and discord in my marriage.
    Interesting, but true story: I remember watching a nature documentary about the natural history of some mammal or another. This particular mammal, like many, has a specific “rutting” or mating season. The rest of the year, the males and females may “live together” but they exhibit no sexual interaction. I just remember thinking how nice it would be if God had made us to have a specific rutting season. Sure, for 2-4 weeks, the sexual energy would be pretty intense, but then it would be gone and we wouldn’t have to worry about sex for remaining 11 months of the year.
    Anyway, keep the positive attitude about sex and keep sharing it. Heaven only knows how many of us need to hear these kind of positive messages about it.

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